Mobile analytics and benchmarking for your dental practice. Designed by dentists, for dentists.

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Powerful Analytics

Put your data in the driver’s seat.

Dentboard brings your data to the forefront and offers actionable insights through its rich analytics tools, allowing you to make decisions to better serve your patients and grow your practice. As your practice grows, Dentboard will be there to guide it along the way.

Team Chat

Instant communications for your entire practice.

Stay in sync with your team with our built-in messaging client. Share specific analytics with your team to help keep your practice’s goals in mind.

Patient Surveys

Learn how your patients value your practice.

Learn more about your patients and their relationship with your practice. Let your patients tell you how they feel about your practice directly.

Geospatial Analytics

Put your practice on the map.

Use transparent geospatial benchmarks to see how your practice compares to the offices around you. Learn how your practice fits in the surrounding market.

Safe, Accessible

Secure access to the tools you need, anywhere, anytime.

Dentboard is cloud-based, allowing you to see your analytics from anywhere you have an internet connection. Connections with Dentboard are encrypted and anonymous, and no PHI is ever transmitted.

Whether your dental practice has been around for generations or is just starting to pick up momentum, Dentboard’s cloud-based analytics platform can benefit you.

Dentboard is still in beta, but we’re confident that we can meet your office’s needs.

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